Represented through our branding as runes, we have captured our core values and what they mean to us as a business and as a legacy with “Othala”, “Ingwaz” and “Manaz”.

The definition of these ancient symbols are our guiding principles which continue to inspire, motivate and encourage us in everything we do.



Home, heritage

We want our people and clients to feel at home. We wish to be approachable and welcoming so all feel looked after. We believe in leaving a positive footprint - our work ethic, sustainable outlook and community chest projects are part of our legacy, which we continue to build upon.



The beginning of something, actualisation of potential

The excitement of moving, starting life in a new home and sometimes a new area is a special time that we feel priveleged to be part of. We also strive to bring out the potential in our staff while helping them forge a positive career path where they have space to grow and learn.

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Augmentation, support

Our third core value is to support and nurture, our clients through their moving experience and our staff throughout their journey with us.  

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Managing Director
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Group HR and Business Manager
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Our Viewing Consultants

Judy Andrews

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Our Community

We’re passionate about giving back and helping our local area, our Community Chest scheme is At Home’s legacy project and an important way of us giving financial support to local community organisations and services. Since starting the scheme, we have also launched our Positivity Projects initiative, an exciting and new way of offering support and investing time for those who need it.

In addition to our legacy projects we actively collaborate with local businesses, organisations and charities with sponsoring and partnerships. Our team have worked extremely hard on these projects and we are delighted with all that we have achieved so far.

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