Three Pillars of Responsibility

People, Planet and Community

We aspire to be a positive force in the property industry as well as within the wider communities and environments in which we work. We hope to inspire others to improve the property sector through our community initiatives and sustainability partnerships that are built upon our three pillars of responsibility; people, planet and community.


Our Point of Difference

Our team feels like a family - we are lucky to have some amazing staff with fantastic professional backgrounds. From 20 years experience of valuing property in the Horsham area, a wealth of knowledge from the lettings and property management sector as well as property development. From outside the industry our team's background include a trained accountant, expertise in financial planning as well as big brand marketing and sales support. Our team are always happy to help and we've embraced a range of techniques to enable us to tap into buyer psychology and make sure your home stands out from the crowd. 


Regular Professional Development

We very much believe in continuous self development and regularly support the team in outsourced and internal professional training. This means our clients will get the very best that our agency has to offer in negotiation, sales and marketing strategies.

In addition, we have invested 20% of our profits to help locally run organisations and sports clubs.

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