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How to get the best value from selling your home

Date Published 10 March 2018

In this month's property news update, we look at how you can get the best value when selling your home. As Spring is a popular selling time, it feels like a sensible time to provide some helpful tips.

The first thing to remember is that presentation is everything, from your initial photographs and advert to the viewing itself. You are selling something that has taken the buyer years of hard work to save up for and will be a place of, hopefully, many happy memories, so the presentation must look inviting. The bad news is that this may create some work!

When presenting your home, it needs to look as spacious as possible, so ensure that you hide as much as is possible in the cupboards or loft to give the feeling of space. Secondly, are there any little touch up jobs that you've been avoiding? Get those done as these equal money and effort to your buyer.

Also, think about the furniture. Does your house look homelier if the beds are dressed well and sofa cushions plumped up? Of course, it does! So, get your best sheets and pillow cases out for photos and viewings.

Ensuring that the buyer is relaxed on the viewing is so important. Make sure that the estate agent guarantees to conduct every single viewing as buyers are much more relaxed and in a better buying frame of mind if the owner isn't there, otherwise you are reminding them that it is someone else home.

Can you park the car down the road or tuck your favourite family photos away? These also remind a buyer that it is someone else's home.

These are some brief tips, but the key is presentation and a relaxed buyer. We're more than happy to offer more detailed tips, should you need.

Paul Davies, BSc (Hons), Cert PFS, Cert SMP

Director of @Home Estate and Letting Agents

01403 886288