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The importance of accompanied viewings

Date Published 17 May 2019

The importance of accompanied viewings

With this time of year traditionally being very active for buyers and sellers, we thought we'd give some tips on ensuring you sell your home.

One of our key principles is to provide 100% accompanied viewings. This is crucial when selling your home and we pick up so many clients that are fed up with their agent making excuses as to why they can't undertake a viewing.

Why is this so important? Buyers are much more relaxed when the seller isn't there and are more likely to be in a better buying frame of mind. Feedback shows that buyers can't relax when the seller is there, or the seller focuses on a part of the house that isn't of interest and that they can't ask open questions as they fear they may upset or insult the seller if there's something they don't like.

With an accompanied viewing, the buyer can ask the agent questions and relax in the home with an agent that's professionally trained at viewing houses. We get asked; ‘how difficult can it be to show a house, it will sell itself', in which case I'd ask, why do cars/windows/medical products need sales people?

There is a psychology behind the viewing, such as ensuring that you start and finish on the best features of the home as people forget the middle bit, and there's the importance of listening and understanding the key needs of that buyer and focusing the viewing accordingly to maximise success.

If selling your home, it is crucial to ensure that your agent accompanies every viewing. Of all the agents with sales in the double figures in Southwater in 2019 (at time of going to press), @Home have the highest percentage of properties sold versus listings in Southwater. We may not be the biggest agent locally, but 100% accompanied viewings ensure that we have a greater success rate.

Paul Davies

Director of @Home Estate and Lettings Agency