03 August 2021

Having an accurate property sales valuation figure is an essential part of the process of selling your home.

An accurate property sales valuation will ensure that your home is seen by qualified buyers in the market for properties like yours, whilst the accurate price will incentivise offers as buyers recognise a fair price when they see one.

Price a property too low and would-be buyers will instantly be suspicious of the low price, whilst an overpriced property will receive little to no attention to begin with and has been proven to damage your end sales price point.

We pride ourselves on our accurate property sales valuations as being a key factor in how we sell homes quicker, and for a higher sold vs asking price, than all of our competition in Horsham. The factors that At Home Estates consider when creating our property sales valuations are:

  • Our knowledge and expertise of the local area

All of our team are local and know the area through and through. This helps to put your home in the context of the neighbourhood, such as what local amenities are on offer, how good the schools are, and what the transport is like. By basing our decisions off of lived experiences, rather than just facts and figures, we have a holistic understanding of the areas that we sell properties in.

  • Analysis of recent supply, demand and sales

The market value of a property is not static; it is a constantly evolving value that depends upon a range of competition-driven factors. The market value of your home will be affected every time a competing property is launched, changes in price, or comes off the market. Our team constantly monitor the local property market to understand what competition your property would face at any one time, and what the local buyers are looking for.

  • Size, Style, Age and Type

Properties come in all shapes and sizes. There are often key features of properties that can’t have their desirability quantified by measurements, facts or figures. We have sold properties of all kinds, from bespoke show homes to cosy pieds-à-terre, so understand how to value each home as an individual, rather than trying to pinpoint them too much towards standardised frameworks.

  • Condition and Amenities

Whilst the condition and amenities that a property has to offer is a factor in the property sales valuation, the primary effect of your property condition is the saleability, rather than necessarily the value. A well maintained and equipped property will be more appealing to buyers, which can make the sale process quicker, but won’t necessarily increase the value by significant amounts.

Ensuring you receive an accurate property sales valuation should be one of your first priorities when looking to sell your home. It sets you up perfectly for the road ahead, by standing you in the best stead to receive the best price, but also gives you a realistic idea of a selling price that you can use to budget for your next home. We pride ourselves on offering accurate sales property valuations, so to book yours, please visit here.

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