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07 September 2021
The Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme was introduced to help people with lower deposits to enter the property market for the first time, by providing a 20% equity loan that was interest-free for the… Read more
03 August 2021
Having an accurate property sales valuation figure is an essential part of the process of selling your home. Read more
Landlord Safety Responsibilities Useful Advice and Top Tips
25 July 2021
As a Landlord you need to be aware of current legislation and stay up to date with regular changes and amendments. Read more
19 July 2021
When you start the process of selling your home, it is likely that you will invite a few local estate agents round to provide an estimated sales valuation. Read more
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09 July 2021
Don’t commit to thousands of pounds moving until you’ve read this! Read more
01 July 2021
This guide will briefly explore strategy, tax planning, financing, marketing and the legal aspects of being a landlord. It’s intended as a broad overview of a range of topics but for more in depth… Read more
24 June 2021
Not all Property Valuations are created equally, here we break down the different types of valuations you should understand before selling your home. Read more
02 June 2021
When selling a home, it is important to set a realistic price to achieve a sale. However, there is quite a bit of psychology that goes behind setting a price and this month’s news story looks at how… Read more
04 January 2021
2020 surprised us all with property prices ending the year mostly in positive territory. Zoopla figures showed that November 2020 saw the highest average annual increase of 3.9%. Given the pandemic,… Read more